Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tatsuniya; Naima visits mum!!!

She stepped into the fading summer sunlight and looked around,her phone glued to her ears as she tried to place his description to a face....He phone rang just then, and she smiled to herself as she saw that it was from Yemi.
This is really akward,she thought to herself.
"Hello?" she supplied.
"Are you the one with the cream turtle neck?" he asked, with his deep british naija tinted voice.
"Yea, but I cant see you" Naima confirmed.
"Ok, stay where you are. I'm coming over"
She ended the call, and still continued to look around wanting to see him before he got to her.......

She spotted him just a few minutes before he stood beside her, only because he was waving at her with a wide smile pasted on his face.
She quickly began the process of analyzing him before he spoke;
young at her heart-check
Sexy.....................* Naughty was interrupted before she could go haywire.
He widened the smile and opened his arms gesturing her for a hug. she hesitated a bit and then gave him a bear hug in return, both startled and confused by his warm gesture.
"your welcome,dear......How was your flight? Sorry,I'm late the traffic is bad on a Friday y'knw" He went on to make the conversation one-sided with his deep accent, which made it further impossible for Naima to follow or respond with the same speed.
He picked up her bag from the trolley and virtually panicked.
"What do you have in here?" he exclaimed.
"Stuff" was all she could come up with cos the alarm in his voice made it sound like a crime.
He laughed again, talking more about it and so many bits of events as he drove them back into town from the airport in his blue BMW.


Naima knew she couldnt sleep without seeing her mum that day,so she pleaded with Yemi to take her there first before taking her to the Jacobs residence.

But he only agreed on the condition that they stop for a quick drive-by snack at KFC. Naima didnt object cos their fries tasted like heaven but on this day,the anxiety was just too high for her to bother about that. she just nodded while he tried to talk about how well her mum was faring so far,even with the multiple diagnosis.
She smiled at most of his jokes and even feigned interest now and then during the 3hour drive to the hospital, but her mind was miles away in the depth of misery land.

It was like a sharp pain, and then the disbelief hit her hard on the chin......her eyes began to lose focus and she felt herself falling....she held onto the only solid thing in her line of sight, and moved towards the door. she stepped outside the room and crouched beside the nurse's station. her vision still blurry and her head heavy like an old antic vase. her hands holding her rumbling tummy trying as hard to stop the sounds she thought could be heard because of the way it felt.....
"Naima, listen to have to be strong for her" Yemi was saying.
But she was still in a daze.
Her strong mum was now a half-sane screaming patient in a London hospital........when she walked in, her mum's eyes was a cloud of confusion.
It took almost 60 minutes before the nurse convinced her that the girl infront of her was her daughter. she just kept saying that she looked a lot like her Naima.
"mama ni ne" Naima reassured her, but she still wasnt convinced.
"How could you? are helping them? want to kill me too?" she said again and again.
"Dont come near me.........take me away from her" her mum screamed as she tried to hug her.
"I never knew that you could be this wicked.............what have I done to you ehn?" she asked Naima, her eyes charging with a scary light Naima had never seen before. she was biting her lips hard thereby causing blood to drip from them.
She looked around and then began to scream at the wall beaside her, "stop starring at me like that"......"Hmm,this is unbelievable" she continued,this time laughing out loud, and plucking out her hair in the process...
The nurses thought it was wise if Naima left so she would be given her anti-anxiety drugs for the night.

"OH MY GOD" Naima thought to herself as Yemi continued to talk to her in a reassuring tone.......He helped her up after a long 20 minutes and began to steer her out of the ward and into the parking lot, as she continued to struggle with the tears that were fighting to overflow.
It was the best he could do for her now.


sweetness said...

Oh my God This is sooo sad, i almost started crying when i read bout Naimas mom
she did not recognize her :(
Oh God
This is sad
I hope she gets better
poor Naima
Yemi is nice
and fine :D
Nice idea, having Naimas story separated, cos sometimes readers wanna go thru former posts to freshen their memory, thanks for making it easier
And thanks for your comment on my blog hun, ur a sweetheart
much love

muyiwa said...

i am coming back to read more of it,seems i ve missed some parts

shorty said...

Damn!! i feel really sorry for Naima, i just hope her mum gets better.

Nicely written,cnt wait for the next chapter.

Myne Whitman said...

Oh I almost cried at the scene with her mum. What happened to her? OMG, can't wait to read the next one.

My world said...

Sweetness dear, glad you like it...
and your welcome!

Muyiwa, sure.....hope you like it.

Shorty, its such a pity yea?
thanks for stopn by, dear.

Myne, Aww...its really sad indeed.

honey91 said...

omg! dats jus horrible....
i cant imagine how nai felt...:(

Uzezi said...

ok. i feel sleepy, so will ve to return to read this

Geebee said...

Hmmm i ain't no prophet but i feel tempted to predict where this story is going especially with Yemi in the picture. . . Some love stuff, i presume. Mind me not. lol. . . Naima's mum's case is quite touching and i could practically reach out to Naima. An insane mum. Not thd best idea of what one should have to live with . . . this should be one great story. Let's have the next instalment asap.

BBB said...

nicely written
i went along for the ride
sad stuff bout the mum cant wait to see how it happens and what happens next

My world said...

Honey91, its really unimaginable..

Uzezi, alright dear..

Geebee, Hmmmmmmm,you so can predict o...we'l c hw it goes.

BBB, its quite sad m'dear!