Wednesday, May 12, 2010


....Naima composed herself for a few seconds,taking her time to turn with which such grace that belied the shock and scattered nature of her thoughts.

"Hi,Yemi" she feigned an innocent smile.
"I thought you said your not feeling well" he went on, the accusation clearly felt in his words.
"yes,I was...
"you were?" Kabir cut in.

"oh no! he didnt just say that" Naughty rolled her eyes.

"Ehmmmmm,yes I was earlier this evening" Nai tried to manuever her way out as both men looked puzzled.

"Oh,I had no idea" Kabir concluded.

She immediately went on to introduce them just to ease the choking tension in the air. at some point,it felt like she was in some cage or drilling room,and not out having dinner.
the two men got engrossed talking about the present situation of issues in Nigeria totally ignoring her,and that gave her time to think.

"what the heck was Yemi doing here?" Naughty started on Sweet,as if she had a clue.
"I cant believe Kabir was so stupid" Sweet answered back.
"yea,what in God's name was that? making me look like a big fat liar" Naughty agreed.
"well, technically it was a lie....and I always warn you but you dont listen" Sweet said in the "I told-you-so" tone.
"what was I to do? go out with him to watch that cheesy theater?? you know,I hate being uncomfortable when watching anything artistic, and with him around,I wouldnt enjoy it" Naughty tried to explain herself,even though she knew Sweet was right.
"yea...just like you thought Kabir was gonna be a bore and bla bla bla...." Sweet's flow was cut by Yemi,as he stood up to leave.

He unfolded his long frame from the wooden chair and signaled that they meet outside.
“Excuse me” Naima muttered to Kabir,totally confused herself. Wondering what it was that Yemi wanted to say,and asking herself if she really wanted to listen to it. She tagged along all the same.
As they got outside,she folded her arms over her bust just to keep her emotions in check and talk as little as she could.just so she wouldn’t give herself away.
“you could have just told me that Kabir is dating you?” Yemi accused in a low voice.
“WHAT???” Naima was taken aback by that.
“yes,he said so in there and all you did was smile and nod”
“like hell,I did” Naughty shouted back.
“I’m sorry about that Yemi. I’ll talk to you later” Naima didn’t even wait for him to answer,she walked out on him furious,and talking to herself. She was obviously upset by Kabir’s declaration.

Kabir had noticed how quiet she was on the ride back to Aunty Mimi’s house. But he had no idea what the problem was, or what he will say to make it right. He thought it had to do with what Yemi said or something,and he decided to stay out of it.

Naima just kept rolling her eyes and hissing. She couldn’t wait to get off this stupid tube,and lock herself in. how dare him? Who did he think he was?? Oh well! It all had to do with the big ego thing she always despised in her hausa-fulani brothers. They just had no idea how a girl’s mind works,and how to make her fall for you. They didn’t even make an effort to understand the dynamics of friendship before jumping into a relationship. They always thought that all a woman needs is a man’s love,and their definition of love to start with was what Naima just couldn’t stand. They were just too rigid and principled. They just didn’t get it.
“God!!!” Naima cursed under her breath.
“what was that?” he inquired.
“trust me,you don’t wanna know”
“of course I do” he insisted. Naima didn’t even look up,she just didn’t even want to look his way.
“ok,you asked for this. How dare you tell Yemi that we are dating??? Are you high or something??? Don’t you think I have a right to decide for myself??? Or did you think I came out here with you as my boyfriend??? What next? You will start saying we are getting married next week???” Naima’s lash out was cut short by his soft,low response.
“I’m so sorry if you feel that way. I just wanted to put him off,and really don’t know what I was thinking. BUT you actually did nod your approval”
“WHAT??? Nod ma approval you say? Are you really serious? God! You have no idea,do you? I didn’t even know when you asked that question because I was deep in thoughts”
“of course. Thinking of the next person to lie to,I guess. Why did you even have to lie to him in the first place…….wait a minute,or are you dating him? Yes,that why your upset,now I get it” Kabir said sheepishly with self-convinction.
“My God!!! You are so impossible. Excuse me” Naima was fuming now,as she stood up and walked towards the tube doors,praying for the next stop just so she should get off, and breath. The tension in there was beginning to choke.
It was only then that she noticed a few eyes following her.
“yea ,whatever” she tossed the words at the guy looking on with a puzzled expression as she alighted from the tube finally and she charging with a really bad temper…….. be continued.