Friday, December 10, 2010

The show must go on!!!

Kabir could have slapped himself twice for sending that message.
PS: I love you? What did that even mean?? He sounded like some school girl..or a teenager excited about his first conquest.
Maybe he should send another message saying he sent the wrong message.

Yaqub interrupted his trail of thoughts as he entered the living room shouting on the top of his voice.
“we got the case” he said. Smiling from ear to ear. In his excitement he jumped to sit beside Kabir on the smaller cream settee.
It took Kabir almost a minute as he tried to rearrange his thoughts. He answered his friend nonetheless,not wanting to look stupid.

They discussed the case all night as most lawyers did. The two lawyers went on to continue research on the case online, gathering as much information as they could about the opposing counsel and the case itself. It was such a big catch for the fresh minds,especially seeing as Jibrin & co had just taken off barely a year ago. They shared the same zeal for justice. Reason why they had clicked right from their library days back in the university of greenwich.

Yaqub Jibrin was the only son of Justice Sani Jibrin. The first attorney-general of the federation from Katsina. The name Justice Jibrin was synonymous with excellence and perfection. Anything he did and all he had achieved all these years had been built on justice, equity and fairness. It was a tough call for Yaqub all his life. As most people used his father’s success as a yardstick for his own achievements. They viewed all he did as right or wrong. There was no grey area. He only found solace with his mum most times. As she corrected his mistakes with the understanding only a mother could. He had been such a rogue at first, not wanting to study hard and always partying around. He even repeated his class in year one, which had been the main reason why his uncle had presuaded his dad to bundle him abroad.

“let him come here and stay with me. I will teach him some manners. And please yaya, don’t come visiting or send him any money until he has graduated”  His uncle,Bako had told his dad five years earlier.

But even uncle Bako was amazed at the level of commitment and dedication Yaqub had shown once he thought his family had abandoned him. His mum’s resolve to shut him out until he made her proud especially, had got him thinking real hard for days after sulking and dragging his feet about for days on end. His turn around and transformation had become an example for other boys that were family friends with the Jibrins’.
It was his dad’s idea that he start up the private legal firm. Seeing as he had come back with a broad spectrum of ideas and plans. Justice Jibrin thought it wise to shield his son from the inevitable conflict between politics and justice. 

Yaqub had however faced the issue head on. His first case had been with a councilor from Daura. He won the case fair and square regardless of the threat to his life once the hearing had begun.
This new case was similar. Only this time,they were going into the big leagues. They were going to be facing the dreaded Tom Dike (SAN). He was known as a ruthless lawyer and a bitter loser. He fought hard and dirty. Which suited him well as most of his clients were politicians who were willing to pay any price to win. He didn’t take any chances, and crushed anyone that stood between him and the results he wanted. Yaqub had his father’s years of experience and strategies to guide him, without that, he was no match for Tom Dike. Even with the enormous bounty of wisdom they were expecting to tap from, Kabir was still having seconds thoughts about taking on Tom Dike. He had suggested they seek the counsel of an older colleague. There seem to be enough candidates for the slot. Tom Dike had more foes than friends afterall. But, Yaqub will not see reason. He wanted this victory to be his to savor and a big plus for his new law firm. It was something the two friends had argued over for days before they finally agreed to start wooing their client. It was such a keenly contested race, and so many others had even taken to sending personal gifts and granting favors to get the job. Yaqub had used his father’s old method of being available to the client, but assertive and professional when need be. It was the combination that got him the case at the end of the day.

It was almost some minutes to 3am when Yaqub finally began to doze off . Kabir tapped his shoulders with his tired fingers from his squating position. They had moved to the library and were all covered in multitude of paper and case study. Yaqub yawned in answer and shifted his gaze to take in Kabir.

“You should go home,mallam” Kabir said, suppressing gales of laughter. He was exhausted himself,but he could bet that he wasn’t looking as bad as Yaqub.
ko? Anya zan iya zuwa gida a haka?” Yaqub reasoned inspite of himself. Kabir assesed him and had to agree. He will end up by the roadside or far worse if he left like that.

He threw his weight sluggishly on the tiled floor and began to snore solfty before Kabir could even reply him. He was like a dead log when he was asleep. Kabir often wondered how he will cope if there was an emergence or a call for help late at night. He had once slept off in the middle of a conversation with his girlfriend,Zainab. His old friends still teased him about it,but they had all come to agree that Yaqub functioned better during the day. Even the fear of exams didn’t keep him from meeting up his appointment with Mr. sleep.

Kabir put down the ball pen in his hand and picked up his iphone from atop the stack of files he had already gone through. He scanned through his unread messages using his left index finger to navigate the device. He was expecting a reply at least. It was so unlike Naima not to have replied him by now. He went back to view his outgoing folder. The message had been delivered alright. So, why didn’t she reply? He wondered if she was still mad at him, or if she didn’t even feel same. He feared the latter as he realized that they had never talked indepth or even defined their attraction to one another.
With a sigh, he put down the phone from where he picked it and yanked the file off his lap. He stretched his sore frame and yawned loudly. Then joined his friend on the floor using the stack of files as pillow.

Naima shifted in her sleep. She was in her “C” sleeping position as always. With her knee close to her chin. Her alarm went off minutes earlier, but she was far away in dreamland to even think of waking up. Her phone began to buzz again. This time louder, as if the urgence of the call was being transmitted via the device. She moved again,this time with a murmur and her eyes drooping. It took her some seconds to figure out what the sound was and the line was about to go off when she finally hit the green button and took the call.
“Hello” she muffled into the speaker.
yan’mata kenan”
That was all he said, but it was enough for her to sit up excitedly as the sleep flew away from her eyes and lit up like a christmas tree…

       be continued.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

PS: I love you!!!

Jay sean's "down" was playing in the background,the DJ was stationed at the far end of the dark corner they were standing. they stood hip-to-hip,his breathe was whistling through his nostrils,hers was heavy,almost like she was panting. It felt like the song was dedicated to this moment. As Kabir tightened his grip on her waist,and folded her closer to his chest, not wanting to let go. She obliged Jay's plea to "leave it behind tonight",as she snuggled closer,laying her head on the left corner of his chest,his heartbeat echoing in her ears and she shut her eyelids to savor the warmth exuding from him. His cologne teased her senses. His chiseled features felt good to her touch. She felt his heart pick-up the rhythm. Relaxing to the music, Kabir began to caress her nape with his thumb gently,then he switched to using his palm,circling the same area. The soft sigh that escaped her lips was just the signal he needed to ginger him.He kissed her cheekbone slowly,she raised her head to his searching eyes,huge clouds of desire made his eyes dark,she could almost read his thoughts.she tried a smile,it was chuckle that came instead. This moment was more magic than she had ever imagined.

It was like a dream. one she had waited for for so so long.

That thought brought back the ice and rage she had kept within her. She just couldnt hold it back anymore. He felt her stiffen. He knew it already. This was it. The drama was about to start,but somehow he just was not ready for it. He will have to explain his big ego and cunning ways. His indecision will come to bear,and she might slip away from him completely. He drew her closer,whispering in her ears, "dont!"

A single word. but they both knew what he was saying. She broke free and looked him straight in his eyes. matching his gaze for the first time-ever.
"I can't" she flung the words at him.


Bahijja was beginning to feel like she was being charged with murder. The ride back to Naima's was complete torture. dead silence. No words spoken. Just a series of sighs.
"wai wani irin abu ne haka,yaya?" Bahijja spat, breaking the ice.

She looked from one person to the other.
“you both have feelings for each other. If not, why will you keep acting like this around one another? This isnt right. One of you must forget and let go of this ridiculous ego. And I expect its going to be you” Bahijja charged at her brother.
He looked more startled at her outburst than her accusation.
“what do you know about this really?” his deep baritone supplied . He was trying to be the sensible of the lot, but it seemed impossible. These ladies were letting their emotions get the better of them and he wasn’t ready to be accused of being the only one that didn’t let this see the light of day.
“oh! I know enough. I live with you, remember?” Bahijja said.
He looked over at Naima. She remained silent. Looking over the view as he drove past unity fountain. He felt her frustration, but he could only care less. Didn’t she always accuse him of not wanting to talk? Well, he was more than ready for it now, and he didn’t care if his baby sister was there or not, this madness had to stop!
“I suppose your happy with this” his acidic tone stung her. She shifted her gaze towards his direction, but her heart wont have any of it. She looked over at the back of the silver camry at Bahijja instead, and gave her a weak smile, “thanks for chipping in a word for me” she supplied, her words were barely a whisper over the air-conditioner’s hissing sounds.
Bahijja moved closer and reached out. She grasped her shaky hands in her firm ones and said clearly, “You gotta end this tonight. Its obvious your hurting, dear. He is my brother, but no man is worth all this patience” she said, eyeing her brother from her position with her left eye.
Naima opened her mouth to talk, but words failed her again. She caught Kabir’s expectant expression as she searched Bahijja’s face. She saw pity and encouragement. She gave her a bear hug instead, “I will survive this, sis” she replied.

“Oh for heaven’s sake” Kabir cursed, looking up as the words flew out of his mouth.
“do you really expect me to believe that your so hurt your lost for words?” he accused her again. “ I know your just not saying anything because you never had anything to say. You keep accusing me of being selfish and unavailable, when infact, you’re the one always keeping me the red light. Acting like you can replace me with anyone.” He continued with arrogance.
“which you have, by the way” he added matter-of-factly.
“I don’t expect you to understand. I realize now sadly. If you think even in the least, that this is easy for me then you are such a joker. I don’t even know why I care so much. But, this is the last you will hear of it” her voice was calm, but he got the message alright. His accusation of her replacing him with someone else had brought back the painful memories of peaches, and how he had cheated on her right under her very nose. It was a mistake she was determined never to repeat. If this was all Kabir thought of her, then she might as well not explain her situation to him. What difference will it make anyway.
They were just at the turn before Naima’s house by then. She thanked Bahijja once more for speaking up for her, and asked politely to be dropped off. She needed to walk back to get some air she had said.
As he drove off with Bahijja now seated  at the passenger’s side, he was tempted to stay back and talk more. But, his ego got the better of him as always and he said a proud goodbye and looked away as they zoomed off into the night.

Naima didn’t even try to deny the pain or act strong. This time she let the sorrow consume her. She cried her eyes dry. Even when the tears stopped, she wished for them to flow. She felt like a cross had been placed on her shoulders. She just didn’t get it. Whatever it was that was making Kabir act like this was certainly and painfully making her feelings even harder to hold back she realized.
Her mum kept asking what the problem was as she noticed that Naima kept running off to the bathroom and coming back with her eyes red and puffy. When she couldn’t hide behind her cold getting worse, she excused herself from the living room, feigning pain and claiming her head hurt from the party’s loud music.
She resigned to the dark silence she had created in her room and lay on the edge of her bed like a lifeless lioness. This lioness was truly wounded. Not only was her pride hurt, she feared her heart might never recover. But she had to be brave, this was going to be the last straw. She will mourn him in silent courage and then let him go. She was tired of Kabir playing hot and cold with her. This was deadly, she was gambling with her heart and it seemed it was going to end in disaster.
“how do you even let go of something that was never yours”  naughty Naima asked.
“I know right? Beats me too” sweet Naima replied.
They were for once in agreement. Her whole system seem to have gotten used to the idea of having Kabir acting out this way, and never really sticking around to explain it. If she didn’t know better, Naima might think this was all there was to love. Mere torture and nothing more. Or was it?
She stood up from the bed and picked up her laptop half-distracted. She began to write a poem full of spite for the love she wished for,but kept eluding her. Just then her phone beeped. She picked it up, hoping it wasnt Fatty since she had promised to call and didn’t.
It was Kabir. She looked at the short message again. It was clear. It wasn’t too much grammar or even words that will make one wonder. But she was confused, and all of a sudden she felt a rage consume her as she hissed at the words she thought will one day make her smile.
PS: I love you….
That was all he wrote. She tossed the phone so hard it landed on the ground.
“Dude!! Seriously???” she barked and the walls seemed to echo the anger in the words as she shook uncontrollably from head to toe… be continued.