Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Guest writer: Poems by Sani Isah!

 Hello people!
today,I begin the new guest writer section with poems that have blown me away. all four poems are really inspiring...Enjoy:

All im waiting for is time
And ill get all that is mine
Players, haters shall all die
Wanting to see me left behind
I face all the tumbles of life
With a bitter sick smile
Im a go-getter in disguise
Often told im one of a kind
“Never give up” that’s the watch word
Ambitions bigger than the world
Dreams of being the last don
Like taking the throne of the corleone
I want to be all I can be
In this world full of greed
Cant change whats written for me
By God in my destiny.

I REMAIN MEI remain me
Copying no one else
That’s why I stay blessed
Never get depressed
My haters are always impressed
Im like mount everest
Wearing my nike crest
Knowing im the best
Don’t worry about my address
Check my email on the net
Plus im a fll time ghetto vet
And all my dough I invest
Never forgetting about my vest
Words I spit I never regret
Someone you can never forget
In rap game I never degrade
Hate seeing others in stress
Amusing you is my interest
Always need my lords bless
Play life like a game of chess

DONT LIVE IN ILLUSIONDon’t live in illusion
In this world of confusion
Try and give a contribution
To knowledge acquisition
Im not trying to confuse intellects
Or leaving them in regrets
If you smoke dodge a cigarette
And know that you are blessed
It is said knowledge is king
But all people care for is bling bling
Get your mind in the right moodswing
And this message will be like a bee sting.

Only the wise survive
Leaving ignorant ones behind
It’s a short time so always smile

We all know there is a life after this
Which is full of luxury and bliss
Its an opportunity we should not miss
Or else you will be left to hiss
Try to enjoy life to the fullest
But always try to have a recess
And aim at achieving success
And never stay depressed
These are words from a wise mind
And all the lines you should memorize