Monday, January 25, 2010

More bad news!!!

Her eyebrows were knit in deep concentration. she read with such intensity. the book was the new Danille Steel novel about break-ups and finding love again. it caught her eye at the bookshop on her way back from the hospital and she decided to get it,if not for anythn but to take her mind off the emotionally drained day she just went thru.
*This is bank......change here for....* the PA system announced and she immediately stood up from the seat and headed towards the doors as the tube screeched to a halt. the doors opened and she virtually jumped off as she saw the train on the other lane preparing to depart, but it was too late as she helplessly watched it zoom off.

It was almost a quarter to 10pm when she walked into the house. Aunty Mimi had called her on her way,just to be sure she was okay and would be heading home soon. the usual visiting hours at the hospital ended by 7pm but the nurses always made exception for Naima cos she seemed to be their only hope to easing her mum's depression. On this particular day, her mum had cried and begged her to stay the night cos she was scared of the "night mass by those creatures". it had made Nai appeal to one of the doctors to please allow her stay,even it was to bend the rules a bit, but she had vehemently refused, insisting that a nurse would be personally assigned to her mum for the night if need be.
Naima tried to understand but truly she was mad and so left the hospital fuming. she assured her mum that she had gone home just to pick up a few things. she was more concerned now because of her mum's seizure two days ago and the doctors' inability to explain it from a medical point. she was beginning to fear that maybe her dad was right about this being not only a medical case but also a spiritual one. her dad had already said her decisions had nothing to do with him and that he wasnt going to "talk sense" to her anymore.


Aunty Mimi watched her more closely as she explained the whole day and how she wasnt comfortable leaving her mum spend the night alone.
"sai hakuri da mutanen nan fa" Kaaka chiped in. she was aunty Mimi's aunt and so by extension the kids grannie and so every1 called her that.
the two women tried their best to comfort her, and then ordered her to eat something heavy instead of her usual tea and veggies at night. they insisted that she was looking pale. Aunty Mimi even joked that she wasnt gonna have two patients to cater for..she went upstairs instead to plug her mobile and that was when the call came thru.
"Is this Naima please?" the lady on the other line inquired.
"this is nurse Bibi from St Andrew's"...................from then on,Naima was just silient and nodding.
"but she is stable now?" she asked.
"yes,I just thought you should know,so you can talk to the doctors when you come in in da morning"
"sure,thanks a lot"
She dropped the call. went straight into the bathroom to have her ablution. she said a short prayer and then forced a smile on her face as she went downstairs to join the others.
Aunty Mimi froze as she used the word "seizure". she didnt know if she was more shocked at the news or at how a 21-year old daughter would calmly explain such about her own mum.
She rose from the sofa and gave her a big hug. Naima allowed herself to be folded into her arms but she didnt feel a thing. she was beginning to turn into some form of iceberg of sorts cos the issues just kept on increasing. just last night, she had to sort out her mum's bills and debts and now this??? it was just becoming unbearable.... but she kept reminding herself that as the first child and only daughter in the family, it was her cross to bear and there was nothing she could do about it!!!


Harry-Rami Itie said...

Nice story u got here

BBB said...

i know how it feels being the first chid
the burden can be so alarming
its scary
i feel for her
lifes not fair

shorty said...

Poor Naima,i really feel sorry for her.Hope her mum gets better.

Myne Whitman said...

Things are even more serious. I hope something happens to cheer her up and for her mum too. Hmmm...

honey91 said...

i think everytime i come here, i say poor nai..i hope things get better soon

Geebee said...

Naima represents a generation of young women thrust with responsibilities far beyond them. However her carriage and attitude in spite of her situation shows a bright future ahead. I'm sure things are bound to get better for her and her mum. Meanwhile finding love might be a good way to start fixing up the missing pieces of her life. The story continues. Looking forward to the next instalment.