Saturday, June 19, 2010

things are looking up...

the usual MTN ring went on in her ear. *dun dun* it went on for three consective rings before it was recieved on the other end.

"Hello,yar uwa ya kike?" Fairy went on to say. Naima responded in the affirmative. she was glad she had time to make the call to the rest of the squad,that rather hot summer afternoon. she was on the verge of losing her sanity after hearing about what was actually wrong with her mum,and knowing that there was no cure yet known to man that will help her.

 "me duniya? kun share ni kawai" Nai complained about them not calling her for sometime now. then Fairy apologized reminding her that she had only called once saying the number wasnt hers and that she will call them with hers,which she never got around to doing.
the two girls chatted for a long time,talking about how the strike  didnt seem like it was going to end soon,her mum's health,Fairy's fiance,and everything they missed out on telling each other.

After the call with Fairy,Nai went on to call Fatty. she was more upset with her for not calling but after Fairy reminded her that the mistake was hers,she has decided to call her bestie among the two.
they spoke at length too,and Fatty as always said the most reassuring words to get Nai laughing once again. Fatty was getting more worried about the delay in the strike,and how the Edo state governor had been called in by the president to address the issue,and she said as much to Nai.
Nai said she was just grateful that she had time to be with her mum,without thinking of how much she was missing in school.

"gaskiya kam" Fatty agreed.


As much as she was hiding from it. Nai knew she was loving the attention Kabir was showing her. he called aften to "check on her",and even offered to take her out a couple of times. but she had made up her mind that it wasnt going to work between them. she wasnt one that liked the idea of being with someone close to home,even though it was a normal thing in her place,she still maintained that it made the large family butt into the couple's affairs and she was never known to be a fan of that.

Aunty Mimi and the kids were making her feel so loved,and at home too. one time,she got back from the hospital so tired and drained,and the girls jumped all over her the minute she walked in. that was a high point in her rather dragged day,and it made her feel cared for.

her mum was also getting so much better,going on walks with her around the hospital courtyard,and even asking for food. her mum's appetite seemed to be on a high,and Nai couldnt be any happier. they got to talk more with her mum about certain incidents in the past,and how things kept getting worse between her mum and her aunt before this big showdown. on some days,Naima felt like her loyalty of course lay with her mum,but when she told her about other stories,and her weak defense for some of her actions,Nai got so upset at her she wish she could yell,"you should have known better".
But Naima was well aware of her mum's state of mind,and her rationaling issues had always been based on love and care. she was the kind that was good to those that made her feel special,and had sympathy even for those that had betrayed her before. it was always a known fact that Nai had such high self-esteem for a 21 year-old,and that sometimes made her wonder why her mum will rely on others to make her happy. be continued.


Myne Whitman said...

This was such a short update, lol, but I liked it. Good one...

shorty said...

I'm with Myne this was really short but interesting tho.

My world said...

thanks guys...was trying out my writing mojo...
will be back with more very soon ;)

Lara said...

Love this, update

My world said...

Lara,thanks loads :)