Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The diagnosis!

Nai just wasnt moved!
the doctor looked at her again,double-checking to be sure she heard what she just said,"Naima,I'm really sorry but I assure you she will be fine" Dr Rizvi re-iteriated in her asian-britone accent.
Dr Rizvi was the registrar on her mum's case, and even though she wasnt the most superior doctor on the infectious team,Nai sort of took to her since the first "MRI incident" and how she handled it.

the incident was suprisingly a case of negligence in the nurse's camp and Naima was shocked at the way they had made it look like it was a usual thing. the consultant on the team just got on Nai's nerves. he hardly ever came around but anytime he got in,he complained about everything from what her mum was watching on Tv to what she had eaten at lunch. he was one of those frustrated middle-aged bachelors,Nai had concluded.

Naima shook herself out of her mind's perssimistic picture, and looked into Dr Rizvi's eyes,trying as hard to unlock the blank professional facade to get the answer to her coming question.
"will she survive?" she asked with an expression that left no room for evasive approach.
"I cant promise anything but I'm sure she will" Dr Rizvi replied trying as had not to cross the line even though her tummy turned at the thot of what Naima was going to have to experince.
She had no clue as to the Japanese time bomb ticking right under her, and Dr Rizvi was certain it was no place for her to step in....


"mama ya kamata ki ci ai ko kadan ne" Nai said trying to urge her mum on. it was hard getting to convince her to eat but since she started taking fruits on Saturday,Naima was pressing on her to take more solids. especially since the medication was due tommorrow and her mum's energy RDA showed she needed extra 500Kcal/day.
"zan ci ai,Naima...kar ki masa mini mana" her mum replied in an off-tone.
there was a heavy air around them since the seizure incident. Naima had for once lost it when her mum said she was going to leave the hospital. Naima was so furious that she threatned to seize her passport and inform immigration that she was missing. that left her mum in a subdued state for sometime and that was exactly was Nai wanted cos it gave her time to think and figure things out.


"Hello" Naima answered on the second ring with a mumble.
"are you still at the hospital?" Kabir inquired.
"yes,I am" Naima replied,sitting up from the sofa to get a better position made her realise instantly that a headache was coming on.
"I'm kinda in the neighbourhood,see you in 5"

Naima wasnt sure if she really wanted to see Kabir at this time. the last time they met was really intense. there was something about him that made Nai unsure of herself,like she just wouldnt measure up to him. he and her mum had always been close, and just months back he had said something about wanting to date Naima,which her mum got wind of,and that only made it worse cos she had turned herself into the most terrible matchmaker mum of the year ever since.

it was hard for Naima to believe he hadnt come around since she got to town,which was like 2 weeks back. well,maybe he just wasnt interested in her afterall. knowing from stories about him,he was a fuse,and that made him hard to cope with and figure out,no matter how friendly he was. he mum had however insisted that no1 is prefect and Naima should stop complaining.

"Hello! ya kike?"
Naima looked up from her potato position on the chair to meet his ever-smiling expression as he walked towards her in long powerful strides. it hit her like a pan how sweet and sexy he was looking in his navy blue turtle neck sweater and jeans.
"hey hey"
"you look good"
what? I should be the one saying that....
"thanks" Naima added,blushing with no effort,and feeling embarassed all of a sudden.
"aunty,noi a bedi matuko?" he asked her mum how she was feeling in fulfulde..
"wadi dama sosai" her mum replied in the affirmative.

"so,are you done with school?" he turned back to Nai,smiling that wickedly sweet smile again.

they talked for long about so many things while her mum slept and ate in routines...then he stood up to leave and thats when it happened.their hands brushed....

He stood in the moment for a little over a minute,but in Naima's mind,it felt like a really long time. but she put herself back together,catching her breath,and passing him like nothing happened. their hands touched........
she caught the look in his eyes, and he immediately shifted his gaze,but she had seen it already. it was mix of both empathy and lust.
"can I wait for you,so we could take the tube together?" he asked,trying as hard to undermine the message her was passing  across, but Naima got it loud and clear....
"Ehmmmmmm,I .............."she was stammering,no suprise there,it was the "Kabir effect" be continued.


neefemi said...

i like.....looking forward to the rest of it

sweetness said...

Kabir Kabir kenan
aww sweet Naima
me i like her plenty cos i relate to her very well
waiting on the next part
How have u been spesh darling?
av been away even on fb ne

sweetest thots

BBB said...

i always love that first spark,
wish it lasts forever
looking forward to part 2

Myne Whitman said...

Their love is progressing well, that made me smile. And good that her mum is to live..I hope.

My world said...

Thanks guys,glad y'all like the way its going :-))
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Sweetness,I'm gud
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Wow!!!!I really reeally really like this, n i ain't kidding!!!!!

Tisha said...

"kabir effect"
does it mean sexual attraction or what?