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Tatsuniya; Naima;the story of a young Fulani lady!!!

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The Alarm rang again.......
"Mtssssssssssss" Naima hissed, just as she stretched out to put it off with her face still buried in her pillow.
Slowly,she turned over with her eyes still shut. Her round face expressionless as always. her face was bold with marked feautures that sometimes made her look almost like a robot,except for her long eyelashes and full eyebrow,she almost looked like a guy.
*Ringing* that made her open her tiny brown eyes immediately igniting that light she always carried around.
"hello" her soft voice vibrating thru the walls of the quiet room.
"Yar'uwa, har yanzu kina barci?" fatty said.
"No,I just woke up,whats up?"
"Dnt forget to come with your assignment and pls come along with cold water in akwai?
"ok,thanks. See ya"
She reluctantly threw her long legs off the bed and started to do the bed. *new sheets* she registerd but knew she didnt have much tym so she decided against it....
The whole room had newly been re-decorated to her taste. most of her friends still thot the whole pink wallpaper on green walls was kinda high school but Naima loved it. she wouldnt change a thing and thot it had a cozy feel to it. her fridge was full of stick-ons of her fav things, her reading table was of cos all books,most of which she hadnt had tym to read cos of the rush with her project supervisor. oh that man!
That thot made her realize that she was to see him today by 8am. And from the way he sounded when he called,it might be a long day.
She opened her wardrobe to find sumthing to fit the day. she always did that. looking right meant everything to her. since it was mid-week,she thot of wearing sumthn casual,even thou she was dying to try out that velvet dress her mum had sent over for Vee's sendforth.

But she knew with da lab work she wud be doing all day,there wudnt be time for her to show-off the dress.
Her eyes fell on her leopard print top instead.
"ok,its kinda hot y'knw" Naughty Naima said.
"but the fabric is soft plus its really comfy" Sweet Naima replied.
she settled on it with that last toht and took a dive to her laundry sorter to check for clean jeans. that was one thing she still couldnt figure out,taking care of her jeans.
With her outfit all lined up and spread on the bed it was finally time to hit the shower. just in tym to scrub her face with her new honey and lime concoction.
"oh no!" she wailed as she noticed a new pimple just by her lower jaw. her face had never been spotless since her teen years but this tym it seemed as if they (the acne) were determined to make her face their new hang-out. well, at least now she was certain that the Mary Kay kit she got a while back needed more help in fightn these invaders.
Her eyes shiftd from the mirror just in tym to see that it was abt a quarter to 7am.
Quickly,she rushed off to the bathroom and in five minutes she was out.
she didnt even hav tym to use her towel,she just put on her clothes,packed up her braids in a ribbon and flew out the door.
She got to school late of cos,a new habit she was beginning to keep that she wasnt happy about. she smyld as her frnds waved from the back seats of the lecture hall.
"whr's the water?" Fatty asked.
"oh no,I forgot" Naima replied,feeling a little bit guilty.
"its ok"
"ina assignment naki?" Fairy chiped in,trying to clear the air.
she always did that. it was always hard to break the ice when it came to being in a circle of frnds. they sorta like expectd you to abide by the codes of the frndship-which was never stated of cos-all the time.
"its here" she said handing it over and looking over at Fatty she said,"I'm sorry,I was kinda in a rush".
Fatty just gave her a nod.
Fairy was always the 1 quick to talk in the circle of three,even thou most ppl thot she was the quiet one. she always said her mind and when it came to being pissed abt sumthn,both Naima and Fatty never messed with her cos she could hold a grudge for days.
She was kinda from a big family,lotta brothers and sisters. Her dad had four wives-her mum included-and Fairy always said that sorta made her a fighter when it came to issues in life.Her dad being an MD had made her come over to study Medicine but instead she was stuck in Biochem-as she liked to put it. she's heed-over-heels with an army officer and always dreams of being his wife very soon but her dad wudnt have it. her wanted her to come back again for Medicine. both Fatty and Naima knew Fairy cudnt cope cos even now,being with them kinda made her more on her toes. it wasnt like she wasnt smart or anything,but she seem to always forget that learning and making it especially in Nigerian universities was all about hard work.

Fatty was the kinda frnd every girl dreamed of having. Naima shared a stronger bond with her cos in so many ways they seemed so much alike. they both had a strong character and liked the same things. they both loved watching the same movies,both were die-hard fans of Grey's anatomy and seem to never get tired of talking about the latest buzz about their fav celebrities.
they also both wanted to go for their Msc right afta school and become working mothers in the near future.
Fatty lost her dad when she was 10 and that sorta makes her a go-getter. they were quite close and being that she was in school when he died,she didnt get to share any last thots or see his remains-he died in an auto crash-and that kinda affects any relationship she keeps. "we can only be sure of now" she always wud say.
"Good morning class" Anty confused (as Naima and frnds had named her) supplied.

"why do I hav a bad feeling abt 2day?" Sweet Naima wondered.
"hey,wud you shut it with all these ur karma sense" Naughty Naima argued.
"its for real,I just know sumtyms" Sweet Naima fought back.
"oh,yea right,your killer instincts,sorry I forgot lady" Naughty Naima replied sarcastically.
Sweet Naima always lost to Naughty Naima and it just made her hate herself sumtyms. "Argh"

She just stood there by the door not wanting to miss him when he got to the faculty. sumhw Naima had given him the wrong first impression,making him think she was always late and untidy-just because she broke the cornical flask on her first day there. but she was determined to change that image,so she got to the faculty by 7:50am.
She looked around while waiting for him. before now,she had never been to the Vet faculty. she didnt have frnds there cos she didnt like their guts. they always thot biochem students were 2nd class students cos they took more courses and were called doctors. so what? we are all here to learn,so why do you think I'm wasting ma tym being in biochem,she wud always say.
She still felt like a fish outta water even after spending 2 weeks in the faculty. the lecturers were renowed womanizers in the whole school and so she was always careful what she wore to the place so as not to attract unwanted attention but that didnt stop a few of them to act really stupid around her.
Naima wasnt really a beauty to behold but every1 that met her over the years always seem to agree that she had an aura around her that attracted people to her like magnet to metal.
She carried herself arnd with so much dignity and confidence almost too mature for a 21yr old. Some guys felt intimidated by her,others thot she was a fun challenge that was so on-guard cos she hadnt found the right player yet. Most girls her age thot she was on a high horse always judging others and thinking she had it all but Naima never payed any attention to gossip,she had developed a thick skin to that long ago in high school when there seemed to be a lotta misconceptions abt her. as far as she knew,the weirdo crown fit her perfectly.
"Sorry,I'm late Naima" Dr. Albert (her supervisor)'s voice brought her back to the present.
"No problem,Sir" She replied.
"Wait for me in the lab,I'll be down in 10minutes" He supplied.
"ok Sir"

It was already 5:30pm and Naima was still trying to round up the work. it was getting dark outside and the lab attendant wasnt making it easy on her. she turned to beg him again to please allow her clean-up in the morning but she cudnt see him anywhr close.
That man was sumthing else,sumhw he had finally cum to like her. at first he made a lot of complain about the way she worked to her supervisor, but after seeing her dedicate 5 days straight to her lab work without complaining and coming over during weekends to feed her lab rats too,he seem to finally be on her side.
"Hello Fatty" 
"Nai,pls come over to the room when your finishd" Fatty replied with a shaky voice.
"me ne?" She inquired.
"just come over ok?"
"I'm done already,would see you in 20 minutes,stay calm okay" She said even thou she had no idea what was up,she knew Fatty was a basketcase when it came to tough situations.

She virtually ran up the stairs when she reached the block of rooms where Fatty and Fairy lived.the swinging door flew open with the kinda shove she gave it.
both Fatty and Fairy were crying. she sat down slowly and offered Fatty her shoulder,pulling Fairy closer for a group hug. they seem to cry more after seeing her.
Finally she asked,"what is it? what happend?"
Fatty looked over at Fairy,as if saying,you tell her.
"what?" she was getting impatient now and scared at the same time.
"its............err..........its.............."Fairy started to say.
"I'm listening"
"I just got a text message"
Fairy just passed the phone over to Naima not able to say any more.
Naima scrolled to her messages and started to read.
her hands shaking......slowly what she read started to sink in......her face changed........her voice choked with tears as she tried to talk................. 

                                      to be continued.

Thats the premiere of Naima guys............please lemme know what you think.



Ankaraandlace said...

I would love to read more of this...kudos!

G-FUNC said...

I thought it was perfectly awesome and then the suspense you leave at the end,that's something.

try and describe more the environment in which a particular action happens and probably some irrelevant actions or observations made by the character,that's good for the imagination cos it creates a clearer picture of the scene

You don't have to follow what I say but I'm just saying


Myne Whitman said...

David made some good comments. I couldn't really place where the action was taking place. I knew it was a school but I wanted to "see" it.

I loved the suspense, just love it and can't wait to read more. I also like Naima talking to herself, naughty and sweet sides, LOL.

Keep it coming.

sweetness said...

i like it
i can feel it
but i think myne whitman is right
u shud tell us more about the school

G-FUNC said...

@myne: it's Gfunc not David lol

BBB said...

more hope we are not going to hav to waita week for part 2

Parakeet said...

Hey thanks for stopping at my blog. This is was a rather long post but I managed to read it to the end.

I like the Naima character and the fact she's just an everyday woman. So when do we know what happened next?

My world said...

Guys,thanks so much for your comments.
I also appreciate your suggestions,I did actually think of it but I decided not to bore you guys. but more "seeing" would definately come.

BBB and Parakeet,unfortunately,its a segment that runs on Wednesdays only.

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

Thanks for stopping over at my blog! :) I love having new followers from all over.

I'm just about to dive into your blog and do a little reading!

My world said...

Thanks for stopn by,Lilly.......
Hope you like what you see.

Scarlet said...

nice story...looking forward to more